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  • One-click purchase

    You purchase the online training which includes the exam and certification. You study and take your exam whenever you want.

  • Learning app

    The training is given through a software allowing to consult the slides, the videos and to train through various tests as you go along.

  • Quiz and MCQ training

    The trainers' video materials can be consulted at any time and are associated with various PDF materials and presentation slides.


- International certification

- PECB Classroom materials

- PECB video supports

- Progressive eLearning path

- Interactive QUIZS

- Certification exam

- Official certification

- Second exam

- macOS, Windows, IOS and Android app

Data Protection Officer

Master all the material and become DPO in a large company! Obtain the international PECB certification as DPD/DPO Data Protection Officer included in the sales training.


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  • Eliza

    "The DPO training was really perfect because I already knew the subject but above all I wanted to have international recognition and certification"

  • Philip

    "I opted for the Lead Implementer training. I was able to obtain my certification, and the team accompanied me when I had questions"

  • Anonymous

    "The training is well done and very detailed, the materials are really good. The advantage is to be able to study at your own pace to prepare for the exam"


frequently asked Questions

What is the difference with a PECB face-to-face certification?

None, materials, training and certification are identical and recognized and provided by PECB

How is the exam going?

The form of the exam is a MCQ over a period of 2 to 4 hours. The examination is carried out online using software to be installed.

When are the exam sessions?

When you want, there are exam slots every working day and the exams are online in the form of a MCQ.

I already have a PECB ID account

No problem, we'll ask you for your ID number during checkout and we'll assign your training to your ID.

International certification?

PECB is an internationally recognized certification body mainly in the field of ISO standards. A PECB certification is recognized all over the world and in the professional environment.

Is everything really online?

Yes, the training materials (the course) as well as the videos of the trainers but also the exam are accessible via an application 24 hours a day to be installed on your computer.

The training and the exam are in which language?

All content is in the language specified when ordering. Both the exam and the videos or course materials are in the chosen language. If you choose an English version, you will have all the content and the exam in English.

If I fail the exam, can I retake it?

Yes, the price includes passing the exam and an additional pass in case of failure. It is possible to retake the exam several times.

What do I need?

A laptop with a working webcam for the exam and your head for studying!

What does the price include?

- PECB Classroom presentation materials with explanatory notes

- PECB video support for trainers in replay

- Progressive eLearning course by daily sections

- Interactive MCQ-type training QUIZs as in the exam

- Online certification exam when you are ready

- Official and international PECB certification

- Second exam if the first is not successful

- macOS, Windows, IOS and Android app

- LINALAB tips for first-time success

- LINALAB support in case of questions or problem with PECB


Our other services

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Penetration testing - Pentest

We carry out information security audits and different types of technical audits such as intrusion tests. We support companies in the governance of their security through a pragmatic and direct approach. We have managed various cybersecurity crises and incidents for large companies. We know how to respond and we can mobilize in an emergency.

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We offer a set of online training with our partner PECB. Training and exams are carried out 100% on the web. You study at your own pace and take the exam at your convenience. All our training courses are available for purchase directly on our website linalab.eu

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