Se faire certifier en IT depuis votre canapé sans que votre employeur ne le sache!

Get certified in IT from your couch without your employer knowing!

The business world is changing rapidly. Skills are essential and online training offers new and sometimes unexpected professional perspectives!

Several customers are today in a different "job" thanks to one or more certifications based on ISO standards . Our online training allows you to train at an affordable price without depending on your employer .

The interest is to be able to open up one's horizons without needing one's employer for new professional prospects (to be paid for training, for example). And yes ! If your employer trains you, they generally expect you to stay a little longer in your current position.

The online training courses offer new latitudes by allowing anyone to access international certifications usually restricted to the professional world because they are very expensive. makes it easy to acquire “ all in ” training courses integrating internationally recognized PECB certifications . The certifications relate to various highly sought-after areas such as IT security, governance, business risk management, etc.

The prices are generally 4 to 5 times cheaper than a face-to-face session for exactly the same result!

Sometimes… It's the employer who wants to go through to save money and offer more flexibility on his training plan by allowing his employees to train and certify themselves online.

Training with certification starts from 370 euros!

Our training and certifications are 100% online and the exam also in the form of a MCQ. Our certifications are internationally recognized through PECB.

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