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GDPR software for DPOs without subscription

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Included in the price

- PECB Classroom presentation materials with explanatory notes

- PECB video support for trainers in replay

- Progressive eLearning course by daily sections

- Interactive MCQ-type training QUIZs as in the exam

- Online certification exam when you are ready

- Official and international PECB certification

- Second exam if the first is not successful

- macOS, Windows, IOS and Android app

- LINALAB tips for first-time success

- LINALAB support in case of questions or problem with PECB

Advanced solution for managing the register of processing activities as part of GDPR compliance. Software used by thousands of people!

Tired of solutions with online subscription or SAAS solution? LINASET runs locally on your environment and does not require a monthly or annual subscription. You install it and go!

Single license for life with no limit on the number of users

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Key points

  • Dynamic register
  • Interactions and validation workflow
  • Hosted locally on site
  • Easy export in different formats
  • Advanced traceability
  • Various specific modules (document management, etc.).

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  • Instant delivery

    Once the order has been placed, you will receive the accesses within 2 hours allowing you to start studying.

  • 100% online

    All of the training, the exam and the steps to obtain the certification are carried out online.

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